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2018 Championship Meets

There is now a page for the 2018 Division and League Championship meets.  It can be found under the ‘STANDINGS & RESULTS‘ tab at the top of the page or at the following link:

2018 Division and League Championship Meets

Currently there is information for the League Championship (Meet packet and T-Shirt order form).  As we receive more information about other meets.  The info will be updated on the page.  After the meets are complete and results have been submitted, the results will also be available on the page.

Rosters & Additions

All Rosters have been uploaded and all additions that I have received have been added as of 9:45AM this morning (6/19/2018).  If there are any issues with your team’s roster, please let me know.

The Rosters are on a single spreadsheet with a summary on the first tab.  There is a link to each original roster and all addition forms that were submitted.

The spreadsheet can be filtered or sorted in any way and will not affect anyone else’s view. The filter or sort is temporary and the next time you open the link, it’ll will be back to original. Some filters or sorts may cause calculations on other parts of the document to fail. If this happens, just refresh the page.

2018 Firecracker Mini Meet

Your team is invited to the 2018 Firecracker Mini Meet. When Locust Heights pool dissolved, Mountville took over their Firecracker Mini Meet. This was a special meet to us because we always had a remembrance at the beginning for Stacey Nissley, a coach at Locust Heights that passed away. It was a small meet, with 4 teams. We did not have it this year because East Pete added a mini meet and we felt that the League offered too many mini’s. However, we are sitting on a LOT of money’s worth of Firecracker awards and were sad to not have this memorial for Stacey. So we’d like to attempt having the meet next year. We’re able to open it up to a few more teams, but it will remain a small, short meet.  If you’d be interested in a well run mini meet as another chance for your littles to qualify for All Leagues, please consider attending. E-mail Jill Skiles at if your team would like to attend. We’d like to know who is interested before we continue to plan the event. So if you think your team will come, please let us know ASAP so we know it’s on your team calendar.